ELVEX® QuickSnap™ Ear Muffs

December 11, 2018
Level Dependent Impulse™ Filter Muffs
December 11, 2018

ELVEX® QuickSnap™ Ear Muffs

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Ear Muffs mount on most Safety Caps

ELVEX® is the Solution to Combining Head, Face and Hearing Protection Because Hearing Protection is often incompatible with other Safety Equipment, workers can encounter problems when wearing add-on Muffs simultaneously, until now. ELVEX® QuickSnap System is the solution — and the most functional system available.


  • Highest NRR rating for cap muff available, 28 NRR.
  • Choice of NRR levels: 25 – 28. SNR 29 – 31
  • Universal blade fits most slotted safety caps.
  • Dielectric construction.
  • Integrates with variety of face shields, visors and screens.
  • Can also be attached to non-slotted caps using ELVEX® Quick Slot QS-29.
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