GelPods™ & GelCaps™ Banded

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December 11, 2018
Hercule VV750
December 11, 2018

GelPods™ & GelCaps™ Banded

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Best intermittent hearing protection for noisy environments – tops for convenience and comfort

Designed to be worn around neck when not in use. Workers are never without hearing protection. Insert or remove quickly – even with one hand. Quick and convenient – for workers requiring intermittent hearing protection. Alternative for workers who dislike inserting ear plugs or heat buildup of muffs. Two design options to offer individualized comfort, workers choose most comfortable style. Excellent sound reduction in the low and high frequencies. Effective hearing protection in noisy environments. Attenuation in the speech frequencies is flat. Allows worker-to-worker communication in noisy areas. Highly visible protection. Easy to monitor and enforce worker compliance. Ultra-soft material, 3x softer than reusable silicone ear plugs. Provides highest comfort level. Universal size. Simplifies inventory control and accommodates diverse workforce. Use for intermittent noise applications. Outdoor airport workers, fork-lift operators, building contractors, power sources.

GelPods: 23 NRR (ANSI) and 23 SNR (CE) Protection Level: 92—102 dB

GelCaps: 18 NRR (ANSI) and 22 SNR (CE) Protection Level: 89—99 dB

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