Guide™ / Communication System - For guided plant tours and person to person communications!


Elvex Guide is an easy to use, multi-purpose communication system that offers superior sound quality and hearing protection for use in noisy environments. There are several distinctive applications:

  • Guided factory tours can be challenging when the environment is noisy. Companies are daily taking visitors, suppliers or VIPs on factory tours, and experience problems in explaining the manufacturing process. Elvex Guide system solves this problem by providing a way to communicate with visitors, and also allowing visitors to ask questions during the tour.

  • General person to person communications in noisy environments can also be facilitated with Elvex Guide System for instruction, training, plant trouble shooting, working in groups, utility pole work, tree service work and many other applications.

  • The application possibilities are endless with the Guide System because it’s easy to use and adapts to many work situations where person-to-person or group communication is essential.


  • Easy to Use: Set transmitting and receiving channels and you are done

  • Filters out Noisy Environments

  • Group or Person to Person Communication. Person to person communication require two transceivers.

  • Communication heard without interference up to 75 feet

  • The Guide provides effective hearing protection of 25 dB NRR

  • The Guide System is FCC certified.



Transceiver & Receiver

  • The Guide consists of a transceiver, receiver or multiple receiver units, and optional hand held microphone

  • Transceiver & Receiver headset offers 3 channels

  • AMP Button Allows the Increase of Sound Level by 15 dB. Warning: when used, the headset no longer is a hearing protector.

  • The Guide maybe used in noisy environments up to 105 dB to 110 dB

  • Transmission Range is up to 75 feet

  • ON/OFF Power & Volume Control

  • Transceiver battery Life is 4 to 10 hours, and Receiver battery life is 40 hours. Hand held microphone has expected battery life of 4-10 hours. All units use 2 AA Batteries.

Product Name Product Number Product Description
Guide System Transceiver COM-690 Guide Transceiver, 25 NRR, uses 2 AA batteries
Guide System Receiver COM-691 Guide Receiver, 25 NRR, uses 2 AA batteries
Guide System Hand Held Microphone COM-699 Guide Hand-Held Microphone, voice cancelling, voice activated


  • The built in microphone is noise canceling, voice activated & mounted on a flexible stalk.

  • An optional hand held microphone is available, ideal for larger groups and factory tours.

Com 690 and COM-691 Attenuation tests in accordance with ANSI S3-19-1974, Dr. Michael & Associates, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000 H M L NRR
Mean Attenuation, dB 15.7









35 29 21 25
Std. Deviation 27.









How the Guide System Works

The Guide offers 2-Way communication solution tool that can be adapted and utilized in many work applications. An example would be conducting a plant/factory tour in which a individual can lead a group through the plant/factory explaining the technology or process.

There are many ways that the Guide can assist and increase work productivity such as utility work to construction and manufacturing to training. The possibilities on the Guide usage is endless and it’s easy to use!

How it Works:

Controls, Transceiver/Receiver

  • There are 3 available channels. Select the same channel number for transmitting on the transceiver and for receiving on the receiver headset. Select another channel only if you experience interference.

  • The transceiver can transmit and receive, while the receiver can only receive.

  • The on/off/volume control activates and deactivates the headset and also adjusts the volume.

  • The AMP button allows the user to increase the sound level of the receiver by 15 dB. This makes it possible to use the headset in environments with noise levels up to 105-110 db.

  • Ideal for high and medium frequency noise

  • The microphone is noise canceling and voice activated and mounted on a flexible stalk. Adjust the microphone so that it sits very close to your mouth in order to have the best performance.

Battery Life & Replacement:

  • When the transceiver is in constant transmission mode, the batteries last approximately 4 hours When transmission is made occasionally, the battery life is extended significantly and may exceed 10 hours of operation.

  • A LED light will begin to flash when the batteries have about 20 minutes of life remaining.

Handheld Microphone

  • The handheld microphone can transmit to both the transceiver and the receiver headsets.

  • The microphone can be used in a guide application, providing an avenue for visitors (using receivers) to ask questions of the guide (using a transceiver).

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