Elvex Blue™ / Disposable ear plugs, hearing protection: New and improved generation of bell shaped plugs.

New generation Elvex Blue™, foam ear plugs with easier insertion and a noise reduction of 32 NRR!

Today’s hearing protection users demand a high level of comfort, excellent noise reduction properties as well as ease of insertion. Elvex Blue offers all that and more. Safety and health professionals demand a foam ear plug which is easy to administer and offers a high level of hygiene. They also require a plug which provides excellent attenuation, is visually easy to monitor as well as meets with employee acceptance. The new generation of Elvex Blue satisfies all these demands and more.

200 pairs standard ear plugs (EP-251), or 100 pairs of corded ear plugs (EP-253) come in a dispenser boxes, shown above.

Elvex Blue Features:

  • Elvex Blue foam plugs are easy to insert correctly due to their tapered shape and slow expansion rate.

  • Elvex specially formulated low pressure foam provides the most comfortable fitting foam plug on the market.

  • One size fits all! The dimensions of Elvex Blue allow virtually every ear canal to be fitted correctly.

  • High visibility color makes it easy to monitor and enforce proper ear plug usage.

  • Elvex Blue has a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 dB. Tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 by an independent laboratory.

  • Elvex Blue is CE certified and tested to EN-352-2 by INSPEC Laboratories in the UK. Single Number Rating (SNR) is 36 dB.

  • Multilingual Packaging, English, Spanish and Chinese, assures that proper usage information is available where the plugs are dispensed.

  • Packaging: EP-251 Standard, 200 pairs per dispenser box, 10 boxes per carton. EP-253 Corded, 100 pairs per dispenser box, 5 boxes per carton.

Unique bell shape!

32 dB NRR


Product Name Product Number Product Description
BLUE Ear Plugs EP-251 BLUE™ Uncorded Foam Ear Plugs, Blue, 200 pairs/box, SNR 34, NRR 32
BLUE Corded Ear Plugs EP-253 BLUE™ Corded (PVC Cord) Foam Ear Plugs, Blue, 100 pairs/box, SNR 34, NRR 32


Attenuation properties of Elvex Blue earplugs:

EP-201/211: ANSI S3-19-1974, Dr. Michael & Associates, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000 NRR
Mean Attenuation, dB 39.3









Std. Deviation 3.9









EP-201/211: CE EN-352-1:2002, INSPEC International, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Frequency, Hz


125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 H M L SNR
Mean Value dB


31.6 34,3 35.8 35.0 35.4 45.3 44.7 33 31 30 34
Std. Deviation 3.9 5.1 5.0 6.3 6.8 3.1 3.0 3.8
Protection Value 22.7 26.7 29.9 30.8 30.2 31.4 41.1 40.2


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